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Welcome to Asteroid Market, your stop for everything asteroid. With the changing times comes our advancement in technologies. One technology is being able to view asteroids, and their composites. Companies invest millions in creating technology that will be able to capture asteroids, and extract the numerous minerals they hold. We are talking about diamonds, water, and other precious material. Research has shown that asteroids hold the key to unprecedented stockpiles of these precious minerals. Researchers believe there are hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of minerals in just a single asteroid. Imagine being one of the lucky ones to get a hand on some of that. Asteroid Market is going to be your head quarters in finding the perfect company and asteroid to invest in. We would all like the chance to be on site extracting these materials, but we know the cost is enormous, and the safety is unprecedented. Here you will be able to invest in a particular company and reap the rewards of that investment. In the mean time take a look through the pages of links, and pictures. Get your mind set around the changing technology and the effect it will play in your life if you choose to become a part of it all. 
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